1. 18:43 29th Aug 2014

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  2. ilovebears17 said: just gotta say i'd love to see the full picture of you :)

    Haha I’ll post it soon ;)

  3. 11:49

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  4. 01:16 28th Aug 2014

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    Anonymous said: Show that cock in the sun man since your tanning pool side stud woooooof

    I have the picture, if there’s demand I will! :)

  5. 01:15

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    Anonymous said: How many piercings do you have? Pics of em?

    I have just under 20, and not all of them! Sorry! ;)

  6. 01:15

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    Anonymous said: Seen you in person, you made me wet.

    Uhhhh… Glad to hear it! Say hi next time and come off anon!